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The secret of being a bore is to tell everything


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Imagine this waking up next to your lover seeing the sunset over the ocean, having a double shot coffee and the going for a surf naked, it doesn’t matter because there is no one around. you work during the day at your favourite store and come home swimming like a mermaid till your hands are crippled and your legs feel like they are about to fall off. Love at night, swim in the day. Not having a care in the world. This photo is one of my favourites ever, i want this.

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Misty Ruins (by jamescharlick)

Mow Cop Castle is a folly built in 1754 by Randle Wilbraham as an elaborate summerhouse looking like a medieval fortress and round tower.

We intended to arrive ahead of sunset to get some nice views over the surrounding countryside but after a gloriously sunny day a dense fog descended upon us to soak up the remainder of the daylight.

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